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1. Easy to use does not hurt tongue fresh breath more self-confidence, improve appetite, fresh mouth

2. Solve tongue coating Whiten, prevent bad breath, remove food residue, deeply clean mouth

3. In addition to brushing teeth and cleaning teeth gap, more should be the plot of the tongue, regular use of tongue scraper, will not hurt the taste buds on the tongue, more clean tongue coating, fresh breath, to maintain oral health.

4. For oral health escort, from the inside out so that there is no place to run, tongue scrape surface design, scrape the tongue scraper head arc design, more suitable to the tongue surface, deep cleaning tongue coating surface foreign body, effective protection taste bud.

5. Tongue scraper overall use of ergonomics design, more suitable for the grasp of the five fingers of human hands. At the same time increased the anti-slip design more intimate.

6. High temperature resistant design, tongue scraper overall use food-grade material, and in the highest temperature 100 degrees high temperature normal disinfection, not easy to breed bacteria.

7. Food Grade Material is not easy to break deformation, scraper using specially adjusted food IPR material, non-toxic tasteless, not easy to break, breeding bacteria.